Woman Gives Birth on Kilgoris Hospital Pavement

An unfortunate event took place at Kilgoris District Hospital on Sunday, May 5, 2024, where a woman was subjected to the harrowing experience of delivering her baby on the hospital pavements.

The video, which was shared anonymously on depicted the distressing experience that the pregnant mother had to endure under extremely challenging conditions.

With no nurse or doctor in sight, and devoid of any medical assistance, the woman resorted to delivering her child on the cold floor of the hospital.

“Good evening Nyakundi it’s getting worse for the citizens. A lady gave birth today at Kilgoris District hospital pavements, no nurse no doctor, on the floor,” the concerned individual bemoaned in a message sent to us last evening.

As of now, the status of the newborn and the mother’s well-being remains unclear, with further updates awaited on their condition.

We are actively seeking additional information to provide a comprehensive follow up report on this unfortunate event.

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