Whistleblower Unearths Continued Abuses at Aventus Group (Lendplus)

Following our recent report uncovering unethical practices at Aventus Group, more concerning allegations have surfaced from within the company.

An insider, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has shed light on ongoing mistreatment of employees and predatory lending tactics.

The whistleblower, who contacted us after our initial report, exposed several troubling practices within the organization, including discriminatory treatment of staff based on connections and gender.

According to the source, employees at Lendplus are discriminated based on their method of recruitment with preferential treatment given to those who have connections within the organization.

The Human Resources department led by Julia Karimi is described as toxic and allegedly engages in witch hunts against employees.

The source also accuses Lendplus CEO Serhii Trambovkin of predatory behavior towards female employees and raises major concerns about the company’s compliance with regulations, particularly regarding data privacy.

“Hi Nyakundi.

After seeing the story you did, I feel it’s about time such institutions should start treating employees as humanely as possible. Kindly hide my identity for security reasons since I’m still working in the company (Lendplus).

Apart from harassing clients with loan extensions, as employees, we also face discrimination based on how one joined the organization. If you have a senior person protecting you, then life becomes easy for you, but it’s unfortunate for those who came in on their own. For example, we could be in the same department performing the same duties but have different salary scales because of who you know. Ladies going for maternity leave are always paid less because the company feels it’s a loss for them.

The HR (Julia Karimi) in the organization is the most toxic human being together with the CEO, and they are the ones always dictating what’s to be done. If the HR doesn’t like you, then she starts witch-hunting you and frustrating you so that you resign. A friend walked to the office one morning and she couldn’t log in to her machine because directives had been given that she was not performing, hence the HR wanted to terminate her immediately without any notice. She hardly gives employees notice of termination of the contract; it’s always immediate or less than a week.

It’s frustrating working with a managerial team that runs the company like a mini shop. The CEO is always preying on ladies, and if you turn down his advances, he starts threatening, and chances of being fired are high. The two Russians mentioned know exactly what the CEO Mr. Nicholas is doing, but they turn a blind eye to it. If one reports to the HR, the HR will only support the CEO, and nothing will be done about it.

Even if I’m still working in the organization, it’s because I have bills to foot, but I must admit I work with fear of losing my job any minute.

Apart from what the other colleague mentioned about being KRA compliant and not abiding by CBK regulations, the credit control section uses NHIF details to know where customers work. They would get these logins from different hospital facilities from time to time. So they don’t abide by the rules of data privacy, and in my knowledge, I know of several cases in court suing the company because either a customer was harassed or an employee was unfairly terminated.

Kindly Cyprian, I know you might be compensated to pull this down, but kindly think of the families affected. Late last year, they laid off some staff claiming redundancy, but that was not the case. They just wanted to sack people they didn’t like and also vocal people who always challenged the management because they recently hired for the same positions they had declared redundant.

CBK should work tirelessly to figure out what’s going wrong in the organization and the several fraudulent cases happening.”

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