Toxic Tyrant: Inside Dr. Nurallah Rahim’s Reign of Terror at Aga Khan University Hospital

The Aga Khan University Hospital is currently at the center of a controversy following a series of grave allegations against Dr. Nurallah Rahim, the Director of Surgical Services.

Over the past weeks, multiple sources within the institution are coming out to paint a disturbing picture of a workplace rife with harassment, racism, and unethical practices.

Earlier this month, an anonymous whistleblower exposed the disturbing conduct of Dr. Rahim and described a work environment characterized by stress, demoralization and subsequent numerous resignations.

“So many nurses are leaving because they’re stressed out because of how he treats his staff,” the source revealed, pointing to Dr. Rahim’s vicious verbal abuse and aggressive management style that have made the workplace unbearable.

Staff feel neglected and unheard despite the hospital administration’s crisis meeting, which reportedly resulted in no impactful action.

“I had to resign because the environment became unbearable,” the whistleblower stated.

Distressing conditions under Dr. Rahim’s leadership have left remaining staff members just enduring the toxic environment without any hope for improvement.

Dr. Rahim’s frequent outbursts and hostile management style have created a persistent atmosphere of fear and stress.


Another source who reached out to us on May 30, 2024, accused Dr. Rahim of blatant racism by claiming that he referred to some staff members as “monkeys.”

This source also implicates a colleague named Kirui who is reportedly unqualified but wields undue influence under Dr. Rahim’s patronage.

The source describes Kirui’s role as more of a spy than a nurse.

He feeds Dr. Rahim with information on the staff’s activities, thereby creating an atmosphere of fear and division among the staff.

There are also serious breaches of labor laws and hospital policies.

Dr. Rahim is alleged to manipulate leave policies to unfairly penalize staff such as deducting two days from employees total leave entitlement if they take a day off earned from working on public holidays.

Staff who work on public holidays are supposed to get one day off but end up losing two days if they take that entitled day off.

These are outright unfair and demoralizing practices under Dr. Rahim’s administration.

As expected, staff morale is at an all-time low, with a growing sense of injustice among the employees.

Problems also extend to the integrity of the hospital’s procurement processes.

Dr. Rahim is fostering unethical relationships with suppliers which has led to frequent acquisition of substandard equipment and drugs.

Rumors suggest his frequent trips (allegedly sponsored by these suppliers) could compromise the hospital’s standards and patient safety.

These mounting grievances from the staff have ignited strong calls for an independent investigation by the hospital’s administration.

Staff members insist that a thorough and impartial inquiry is essential to uncover the full extent of the deep-rooted problems.

“Hello Nyakundi, earlier this month you posted a story about one Nurallah Rahim, Director of Surgical Services at Aga Khan University Hospital. I must first of all thank you for bringing to light the evil that’s being meted out to helpless workers here.

After your post, a crisis meeting was convened, but everything was watered down after that as if the grievances of the staff weren’t of importance.

Now things have gotten even worse. Nurallah has a lot of racism in him that he continuously calls some of us monkeys.

As if that’s not enough, he’s using one Kirui to frustrate fellow blacks.

Kirui is the ultimate snitch whom they’re working with. Mark you, he’s not even a qualified theatre nurse but is imposed there by Nurallah. It’s not clear what their close relationship is all about, but that duo is a big headache to the nurses and doctors working in that department.

There are also complaints of labor and Aga Khan laws violations in off days. When one works on a public holiday, they’re awarded one day off. If you take that one day off, he’ll deduct two days from your work.

There are also suspicions that he’s working with crooked suppliers, which could easily risk having substandard equipment and drugs coming into the department. The guy is always on trips, and rumors here are that they’re sponsored by the suppliers. This the administration should take very seriously and institute their own investigation, and I can assure you a lot will be unearthed.

People are suffering silently, and it’s through platforms like this of yours that we get to speak in confidence.

Every single bit of issues raised here are what we’re going through every day, and the administration should not turn a blind eye if they really care about the staff and patients.

They need to independently investigate everything and bring back sanity. TUNAUMIA!”

As of now, the hospital administration has not issued a public statement addressing these worrying complaints but some of the staff who spoke to us remain hopeful.

A senior official within the hospital requested anonymity is hinting at possible internal conflicts that may be delaying the administrative response.

There are complex dynamics at play and some within the administration are reluctant to act due to personal connections with Dr. Rahim.

As we continue to investigate these grave allegations, we urge more staff members to come forward and share their experiences to help the public and authorities on the full extent of the issues plaguing Aga Khan University Hospital.

We at will relentlessly pursue this story to make sure those responsible are held accountable.

If you have information that can contribute to this investigation, feel free to reach out to us confidently assured that your voice will be heard and anonymity respected.

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