Three Detained Over Gruesome Murder of Vihiga Lady Who Previously Worked in Egypt

Police in Vihiga are currently detaining three suspects in connection with the tragic murder of Sheila Jaruha Mugadiri, a resident of Kivagala village in Sabatia Subcounty.

Sheila, who had been working in Egypt, left home with her male cousin, identified as Idalia, to run errands at a local shopping center and presumably indulge in some drinks.

Later, they were joined by the girl’s boyfriend, a high school teacher.

After consuming alcohol, the boyfriend reportedly paid a bodaboda (motorcycle taxi) operator 300/= to transport Sheila to her parents’ home, which was not far from the shopping center.

According to reports, the bodaboda operator confessed to the police that he murdered Sheila and disposed of her body in a river approximately 5 kilometers away.

The incident occurred last Friday and due to heavy rains, the body was only recovered on Friday, eight days later.

It has been taken to the Mbale mortuary.

The cousin, the bodaboda operator and the boyfriend are all cooperating with the police investigation.

It has been alleged that Kshs 30,000 was transferred from Sheila’s M-Pesa account on the day of the incident.

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