Salvage Efforts Halted for Grounded Barge at Nyali Reef

The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has been forced to suspend salvage operations for the grounded barge Comarco 3652, which remains stranded at Nyali Reef.

The barge, towed by MV Northwind, broke away and ran aground on Tuesday, prompting local company Alpha Logistics to attempt an intervention.

However, their efforts were thwarted by rough sea conditions, including strong winds and high swells.

KPA made the decision to halt the salvage at 15:30 hrs, citing the danger posed to the lives and safety of all involved.

The authority is awaiting improved weather conditions before resuming operations.

The barge, laden with containers, became stranded despite warnings from port control and local pilots advising against departure due to adverse weather.

This situation continues to develop and further attempts at retrieval are expected to resume once conditions permit.

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