Residents Fearful as MCA Nicholas Owaka and Corrupt Officials Collude To Grab Land

Residents of Ndhiwa Constituency, particularly those in the Kanyamwa Kosewe ward, have raised alarm over the alleged unlawful activities of Nicholas Owaka, the Member of County Assembly (MCA) representing their area.

An image of MCA Nicholas Owaka,
MCA Nicholas Owaka

Owaka stands accused of attempting to acquire land illegally from residents and resorting to threats of violence to achieve his ends.

In a recent communication to one of the affected parties, who chose to remain anonymous for safety reasons, exposed the distressing situation caused by Owaka’s actions.

The MCA is reported to have enlisted persons known for their violent tendencies to intimidate residents into relinquishing their land rights.

Owaka allegedly colluded with local law enforcement to facilitate his land-grabbing schemes, including an incident involving a church’s land in Ndhiwa town.

The gravity of Owaka’s alleged misconduct was further underscored by an incident last October when he purportedly trespassed on private property, destroying 10 acres of maize under the guise of land ownership.

Compounding the residents woes is the reported complicity of the local chief, who stands accused of forging death certificates to aid Owaka’s unjust pursuits.

Despite complaints lodged at the Ndhiwa Police Station regarding the destruction of land produces, no action has been taken, with allegations of collusion between law enforcement and the MCA.

This saga has prompted residents to seek recourse through legal channels, with a case currently before the Court of Appeal in Kisumu.

Notably, this is not the first instance of Owaka facing legal scrutiny, as previous allegations surfaced in a case at Kisii courts where the complainant was a Registrar.

The ongoing ordeal has left the residents of Kanyamwa Kosewe ward grappling with uncertainty and fear, as they confront the specter of land grabs and intimidation orchestrated by a figure elected to serve their interests.

Efforts to address this injustice have been escalated to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters and the Permanent Secretary for the Interior, with residents appealing for swift intervention to restore order and safeguard their rights.

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