Nakuru Man Scams Lady Working Abroad After They Met On TikTok

A Kenyan woman has come forward to expose how a man on TikTok manipulated her into a devastating scam under the guise of affection.

Speaking exclusively to on condition of anonymity, the victim currently residing and working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) revealed how the perpetrator’s modus operandi involved soliciting funds under false pretenses – purportedly for various expenses including household needs and childcare.

What initially seemed like a blossoming relationship quickly descended into a nightmare when the victim discovered the true extent of the deception.

The scammer had not only absconded with the money but also demonstrated a callous disregard for their responsibilities abandoning his partner and two children to pursue a life elsewhere.

“Hi Nyakundi. Nilikutana na jamaa fulani TikTok tukipenda, akanidanganya nimtumie Doo, alafu baadae nikajua ametoka na Ako na bb na watoto na pesa ni 72k 😭 Nilikula block 😭 Aliniambia atarefund it back. Ako na bb na watoto wawili, alafu akaacha bb akaenda kuishi na kuru na Dem mwingine. Mimi ndio namlipia rent na biashara nimemfungulia ya kuuza nguo 😭 Kwa sasa hivi anaishi Nakuru side, inaitwa Ng’ambo,” she told one of our correspodents.

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