Mismanagement at I&M Bank’s Gateway Mall Branch

A long-time customer of I&M Bank has reported severe mismanagement and unprofessional conduct at the Gateway Mall branch.

The client describes a substantial decline in service quality, particularly pointing out the branch manager’s frequent inebriation which is compromising the integrity of banking operations.

The customer also notes a severe understaffing issue where only one overwhelmed customer service representative is available to assist clients.

This situation has led to long wait times and ineffective service, compelling many customers to seek services at other branches to avoid the poor conditions at Gateway Mall.

Staff at the branch reportedly engage in unprofessional behavior, including neglecting their duties to hold personal conversations which causes major service delays.

I&M Bank is known for its extensive branch network and financial services.

“Hi Nyakundi. I am writing to bring to your attention an ongoing issue that has deeply impacted the customer experience at the Gateway Mall branch of Imbank. As a loyal client of Imbank for over 15 years, I have witnessed a drastic decline in the service quality and professionalism at this particular branch.

The situation at the Gateway Mall branch is disheartening. The branch manager’s consistent state of inebriation is not only unprofessional but also poses a serious risk to the integrity of banking operations. Furthermore, the absence of operations managers and the inadequate staffing levels have left customers like myself at the mercy of one overwhelmed customer service representative.

During my visits to the branch, I have observed other staff members engaging in distracting conversations and neglecting their responsibilities, resulting in long wait times and ineffective service delivery. The reliance on a single customer service personnel is unsustainable and unfair to both the staff and the customers.

The repercussions of this situation are significant. Many customers, including myself, are compelled to travel long distances to alternative branches, such as the Panari branch, due to the inability to receive prompt and efficient service at Gateway Mall. This not only inconveniences us but also raises concerns about accessibility and equity in banking services.

I implore you, as the regulatory authority tasked with safeguarding the interests of customers, to intervene in this matter urgently. The CEO and the board of directors of Imbank must address these operational deficiencies, ensure the appropriate staffing levels, and uphold the standards of professionalism and service excellence that customers deserve.

If swift actions are not taken to rectify these issues, many loyal customers may be compelled to seek banking services elsewhere. It is our right as customers to receive reliable and efficient service from our financial institutions, and we trust that you will assist in ensuring that Imbank upholds its commitments to its clientele.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.”

These allegations against the Gateway Mall branch show the importance of maintaining high service standards across all locations to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

Immediate intervention is needed from the bank’s CEO and board of directors to rectify these issues and restore the branch’s reputation.

Directors should conduct a thorough investigation into these claims.

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