Mismanagement and Unprofessional Promotions at Browns Plantations Kenya Formerly ‘Finlays’

The tea estates of Finlays Kenya, now rebranded as Browns Plantations Kenya, have once again come under scrutiny, this time over allegations of mismanagement and unprofessional promotions within their workforce.

This follows a history of sexual harassment scandals that previously tarnished the company’s reputation.

A source who requested anonymity revealed troubling practices at Finlays, particularly within the Forestry Department’s logging division.

The source lamented that workers are being promoted to managerial positions without the necessary qualifications or professional experience which is causing major operational inefficiencies.

“Hi Nyakundi if you have ever heard about the sexual harassment that happened in Finlays Kericho that made them change the name to Browns then you will be conversant with this. In Finlays, you are a driver today, tomorrow you are an assistant, then the next day after tomorrow you are a manager. These are the same people going after somebody’s wife to give the light jobs. It’s very unprofessional to give a driver (maybe a high school dropout) a manager post which requires a lot of professionalism to run because you work with a lot of people around and different persons. So, my question is what does it take to be a manager at Finlays? Why struggle to study for 5 years at university? Specifically, the Forestry Department logging division, Finlays Kenya Kericho, and even other estates. Please raise these concerns. Our mothers are suffering especially single mothers.”

This pattern of favoritism and unqualified promotions raises serious questions about the company’s hiring and promotion practices.

The issue mirrors past controversies, such as the sexual harassment cases that led to Finlays rebranding itself as Browns.

In 2023, a BBC documentary exposed rampant sexual exploitation at Finlays Kericho, involving senior staff who preyed on female workers in exchange for job security.

The scandal forced Finlays to suspend implicated employees and overhaul its operational policies.

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