MedSource Group Under Fire for Unlawful Employee Dismissals

A former employee of MedSource Group Limited (MSG) has come forward with allegations of unlawful and unprocedural termination of employment by the company.

MedSource Group, a subsidiary of Management Science for Health (MSH), is accused of misleading its employees regarding the terms of their dismissal.

On May 7, 2024, MSG CEO Dr. Spencer Ochieng held a town hall meeting announcing that the company was winding up operations due to financial constraints faced by its parent company, MSH.

Employees were informed that they were being declared redundant.

However, the termination process that followed has raised significant concerns.

MSG outsources its HR operations to two firms: Deloitte for the office team and Bridge Talent Management (BTM) for the field/sales staff.

Following the redundancy announcement the field team was referred to BTM for disengagement procedures.

To their surprise, the termination letters they received from BTM did not reflect redundancy but instead were stated as terminations.

This discrepancy suggests a potential tactic by MSG and BTM to deny the field team their rightful benefits under redundancy terms.

The affected employees had signed a two-year contract in January 2024, set to expire on December 31, 2025, making this situation even more pressing.

“I am sharing with you quite an elaborate and lengthy post regarding the above-mentioned company’s unlawful and unprocedural termination of its employees.

MedSource Group (MSG) is a subsidiary of MSH (Management Science for Health).

On 7th May 2024, the CEO, Dr. Spencer Ochieng, convened a town hall meeting where he indicated that the company was winding up its operations due to the inability of the parent company, MSH, to continue their financial commitment to MSG. Consequently, we were declared redundant.

As MSG outsources its HR operations, we have two categories of employees: the office team under Deloitte and the field/sales staff under BTM (Bridge Talent Management). Effectively, the field team, including myself, was referred to BTM to facilitate our disengagement. To our surprise, when the BTM team sent us the letters, it stated termination instead of redundancy, as had been earlier communicated by the MSG CEO.

Feeling aggrieved, we declined to sign the termination letters and instead wrote back as a group to BTM, requesting the true and accurate terms of our disengagement. However, as of today, 16th May 2024, we have yet to receive any response. Interestingly, our office team colleagues have received letters clearly stating redundancy.

Therefore, we strongly believe that BTM/MSG are employing unethical tactics to deny us our benefits under redundancy terms. It is important to note that we signed a 2-year contract in January 2024, which was supposed to expire by 31st December 2025.

Attached below are:

  • Notice of redundancy to the office team
  • CEO Townhall Meeting AI captured
  • BTM Online Meeting with the staff

These documents support our case. If further clarification or collaboration is needed, I am available and willing to provide it anytime,” the source reports.

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