Letter Exposes Deplorable Working Conditions at Basco Products (K) Ltd

An image of Basco Paints managing Director Mr Kamlesh Shah
Basco Paints Managing Director Mr Kamlesh Shah

Workers at Basco Products (K) Ltd have come forward with disturbing accounts of their working conditions which paint a bleak picture of exploitation and neglect within the company.

Among the grievances outlined by the employees are:

  1. Lack of clear employment contracts and documentation which has left workers vulnerable to arbitrary dismissal without any avenue for recourse.
  2. Absence of leave provisions and allowances, denying employees essential rest and family time.
  3. Exposure to unsanitary working environments rife with hazardous emissions, fumes, dust and gases.
  4. Forced into short-term employment contracts, designed to circumvent obligations such as pensions and other entitlements.
  5. Subjected to verbal abuse and harassment by Asian supervisory personnel, many of whom are unable to communicate effectively in Kiswahili or English.
  6. Meager pay packages that barely cover basic living expenses.
  7. Denied access to treatment for work-related health issues and compensation for on-the-job injuries or damages.
  8. Compelled to endure heavy duties and long working hours without adequate compensation.
  9. Lacking essential safety gear to protect against workplace hazards.
  10. Facing racial profiling and discrimination, evident in salary disparities, contract durations and disciplinary actions.
An image of a letter from concerned Basco Products (K) Ltd Workers
An image of a letter from concerned Basco Products (K) Ltd Workers

These revelations underscore the dire need for immediate intervention to address the systemic issues plaguing Basco Products (K) Ltd and ensure the well-being and rights of its employees are upheld. Stay tuned for further updates as this story develops.

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