Kenyan Banker Cheruiyot Kirui Missing in Daring Mt Everest Quest

Kenyan climber Cheruiyot Kirui has been reported missing above 8,000 meters on Mount Everest since the morning of May 22, 2024.

Kirui, a respected banker with Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), was last in contact near Bishop Rock, just below the summit.

Kirui, who embarked on a daring quest to summit Everest without supplemental oxygen, was last known to be near Bishop Rock, a perilous area just below the summit.

The situation turned critical when Kirui, according to his Sherpa guide Nawang, began exhibiting abnormal behavior, shortly before the two lost contact with the expedition team.

This concerning development prompted the mobilization of a rescue team, which has since reached an area above the balcony, a location well above 8,000 meters, known among climbers as the “death zone” due to the extreme conditions and high fatality rate.

His last Instagram post, dated five days ago, reveals the meticulous preparations and the risks he was willing to take for this monumental challenge.

In his post, Kirui detailed his strategy to combat the extreme cold and the threat of altitude sickness.

He equipped himself with heated gloves, mittens, and socks, and carried medications like Nifedipine for High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE), Dexamethasone for High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE), and Acetazolamide.

Despite the dangers, his determination was clear as he described his physical readiness and the mental fortitude required for such an endeavor.

Kirui also planned for contingencies, including carrying an emergency oxygen supply to be used by his Sherpa guide, Nawang, in case of severe distress or a sudden change in weather conditions.

His decision to attempt the climb from the Tibet side was aimed at avoiding the notorious traffic jams on the mountain’s routes.

Cheruiyot Kirui is a seasoned Corporate Banking Specialist at KCB Bank since October 2012.

He has carved a niche for himself in the financial sector with his expertise in corporate finance and mortgage lending.

His academic prowess is evident from his First Class Honors degree in Biomedical Sciences from Maseno University and his certification as an Associate Professional Risk Manager from the Professional Risk Managers International Association in 2013.

Beyond the confines of corporate banking, Kirui’s passion for mountaineering has propelled him to remarkable heights.

His love for the mountains was ignited during a work boot camp in Kajiado county, at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Since then, he has climbed Mt. Kenya over 15 times before he set his sights on the ultimate challenge: summiting Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen.

This incident is part of a series of tragedies on Everest this season, which also saw the death of a Romanian climber, Gabriel Tabara, at Camp III on May 21, 2024.

Tabara, 48, was found dead inside his tent while attempting to climb the neighboring peak of Lhotse, also without using supplementary oxygen.

Two climbers, Daniel Paul Peterson from the UK and Pas Tenji Sherpa from Makalu, went missing near the Hillary Step after a section of the route collapsed on the morning of May 21, 2024.

Search and rescue operations are being conducted amidst some of the most challenging conditions on Earth.

Stay with us for the latest updates on this developing story as we follow the search for Cheruiyot Kirui on Mount Everest.

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