Inside Scoop: Chinese Security Firm Dodging Taxes in Kenya

A tip-off has exposed potential tax evasion by a Chinese-owned company contracted by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to provide luggage and container scanning machines and services.

The company in question is a worldwide leading supplier of security solutions and products.

Allegations suggest that the company may be utilizing questionable practices to avoid tax compliance and circumvent labor standards.

According to the anonymous source, the company employs Chinese staff who reside in upscale neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, local employees are allegedly paid through a human resources consultancy, potentially to bypass ISO standards for human resource management.

The core issue at hand appears to be the opaque nature of the company’s financial transactions and employment practices.

There are suspicions that payments made by KRA to the company may not be transparently accounted for in Kenya, raising questions about potential tax evasion.

“Hello Nyakundi. About Chinese Companies evading taxes. Kindly, find out a company doing business with KRA called Nuctech Kenya Limited offers scanning luggage and container machines and service. They have their Chinese staff who live in high-end estates, most probably paid from Hong Kong/Beijing, and the locals are paid via HR consultancy to avoid adhering to ISO standards for Human Resource management. Just dig deep and find out if their payments by KRA are made in Kenya, Hong Kong, or Beijing.” 

As these allegations merit a thorough investigation, will endeavor to uncover the truth behind the company’s financial dealings and employment practices.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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