Garbage Crisis in Kitengela CBD

A concerned resident of Kitengela has spoken out on a pressing issue plaguing the central business district (CBD) of the town – the escalating problem of piling garbage.

In a distressing image shared anonymously, sacks overflowing with refuse line the roadsides, painting a dismal picture of the once vibrant area.

“Hi Nyakundi. Kindly highlight the issue of piling garbage in Kitengela CBD. The above pic was taken today,” the concerned resident expressed, drawing attention to the alarming situation.

An image of heaps of garbage in Kitengela town

The sight of heaps of garbage strewn across the CBD has sadly become a norm, transforming the bustling streets into an eyesore for both residents and visitors alike.

This accumulation of waste is not only tarnishing the aesthetic appeal of the town but also poses significant health and environmental hazards.

Residents are growing increasingly dismayed by the lack of effective waste management measures, which have allowed the garbage crisis to spiral out of control.



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