Faulty Culvert Floods Homes in West Mugirango

Residents of West Mugirango near Getaari Secondary School are dealing with a catastrophic situation due to the faulty structure of a culvert built by the county government during the construction of the Miruka-Getaari road.

Instead of mitigating flooding, the culvert has only aggravated the issue by directing water flow directly towards people’s homes.

As a result, entire homesteads are now inundated with water, farms destroyed, and vital crops such as maize vital crops have been ruined.

“Walls are wet and people’s lives are in danger,” the resident expressed, adding “The houses can be carried away by floods. People aren’t having any peaceful sleep because of the fear that walls may collapse and cover them.”

This urgent matter calls for immediate action from local authorities in Nyamira with residents now demanding swift intervention to address the flooding and compensation for their losses.

“Let the county government of Nyamira take action immediately and compensate them for the loss,” the source concluded in his submission.

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