Employees Speak Out Against Toxic Work Environment at Carlcare Kenya

A source at Calcare Kenya tells us that the atmosphere within the company is rife with allegations of misconduct by one of its supervisors named Jordan who is accused of harassment and abuse of power.

Calcare Kenya
Calcare Kenya

According to reports from within the company, employees are enduring firsthand instances of harassment and rudeness at the hands of this supervisor who seems to operate with impunity.

Employees are calling for swift and decisive action to ensure a safe and respectful work environment for all staff members.

“Hi Nyakundi. I’m a staff at Carlcare, I’m writing to bring to your attention concerning behavior exhibited by Jordan, the supervisor of Carlcare services. We have witnessed and experienced firsthand instances of harassment and rudeness perpetrated. The HR is unable to tame him because the moment you report the matter, it’s never addressed. If a staff refuses to have an affair with him, he threatens to fire her. Secondly, if you refuse to worship him, he’ll still threaten to fire you or just get a fake reason to send you out of the company. He has no papers, that’s why he’s behaving that way,” the source wrote to us.

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