Employees Forced to Work in Sewer-Soaked Conditions At Flooded M-Gas Mukuru Headquarters

An image of M-Gas Mukuru Headquarters
Health Hazard Alert: M-Gas Mukuru Workers Risk Illness in Flooded Offices

A source has sent us disturbing information about the dire situation unfolding at M-Gas Mukuru kwa Njenga.

Despite the entire headquarters being flooded with water, customer care representatives are being coerced into working amidst these hazardous conditions while the rest of the staff enjoy the comfort of their homes.

This alarming revelation comes from a slum-like environment fraught with sewers, posing serious health risks to those forced to endure it.

Concerns are mounting as employees fear falling ill, with some reporting chest pains of unknown origin possibly linked to the contaminated water.

Though photos are currently unavailable due to restrictions, efforts are underway to document the appalling conditions.

This incident is part of a larger crisis as Mukuru slums grapple with flooding after Ngong River burst its banks following heavy rains.

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