Diplomatic Intervention Halts Attempted Land Grabbing in Gilgil

An incident involving the attempted fencing off of 15,000 acres at Soysambu Ranch in Gilgil Constituency was reportedly halted following diplomatic intervention.
An insider who requested anonymity for security reasons provided with some exclusive details of the high-stakes situation.
The source notes there was heavy tension surrounding the land allegedly owned by the Delamare family and reported heavy police presence and diplomatic efforts that ultimately prevented the purported land grab.
“There was an attempt to fence off 15,000 acres at Soysambu Ranch. Police were mobilized from Nakuru Central, Bahati and Gilgil to offer security. Hours later diplomatic forces intervened and Kenyan government officials visited the site, ordering the police to withdraw.”
We will continue to monitor this developing story closely and provide updates as new information becomes available.

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