Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi Orchestrates Widespread Nepotism and Corruption at KEPHIS

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi has commandeered the appointment process at the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) by leveraging his proxy, the newly appointed board chairman Joseph Ntoeruaki, who previously vied for the Igembe North MP seat.

This blatant manipulation of recruitment practices at KEPHIS exposes a worrying trend of cronyism and political patronage.

Disturbingly, the majority of shortlisted candidates for various positions at KEPHIS, from tea girls to drivers, hail exclusively from Linturi’s home constituencies of Igembe South and North.

Reports indicate that these candidates were overheard boasting about their secured appointments even before stepping into the interview rooms – which strongly suggests that the selection process was a mere formality.

“A member of his community was recently hired for a driver position without knowing how to drive. He’s had to join a driving school because this week he almost caused an accident that could have resulted in the death of staff,” a source at the organization revealed.

This comes in the wake of Linturi’s controversial involvement in the fake fertilizer scandal, which saw countless Kenyan farmers duped into purchasing substandard products.

The scandal has severely tarnished Linturi’s reputation, casting a long shadow over his tenure as Agriculture CS.

By consolidating control over KEPHIS, the sole parastatal mandated to test and inspect plant materials, seed certification and phytosanitary services in Kenya, Linturi appears to be laying the groundwork for future scandals and continued exploitation of vulnerable farmers.

This power grab at KEPHIS which is entrusted with ensuring the integrity of agricultural inputs will soon see it become a tool for personal enrichment and political consolidation.

The situation demands urgent attention and intervention to safeguard the interests of Kenyan farmers and restore integrity to KEPHIS.

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